The Vault, Post 18. RSV Baby.

I feel like the memory of today should be video logged to all women who think they are ready to be a mom. My heart hurt so bad today for my baby Zuzu as she woke after a terrible night of up and down labored breathing and struggled to catch air. Adolfo and I called the dr on call from our clinic who had us count the breaths. 88 was too high and she advised us to go to the ER.

The only good thing about the ER with an infant is you get right in. Everything else is terrible. Last Friday she was diagnosed with broncholitis from a cloudy chest X-ray, and she just hasn’t been her happy little self. A fever two weeks ago was the precursor, but we (like most parents) chalk it up to teething or a possible ear infection.

And so goes the ER treatment, worst 4 hours to have to hold your child down while professionals care for her. Tubes down her throat, objects in her ears, and the worst part is this little lady doesn’t understand that when I say everything is gonna be alright I actually mean it. So then theres the screams.  And tears. Had to send her daddy away during one procedure and meanwhile the whole time my eyes are filling with tears.

A steroid, two anti inflammatory breathing treatments, Motrin, some numbing ear Meds and breast milk later and she is fever free and breathing better. She’s on the right road but it’s going to be a long recovery that will take daddy and me to get her well. She’s a little fire cracker so I am sure she will help us out. As much as I didn’t want to go to the ER today I sure am glad we did.


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