The Vault, Post 17.

Happy 8 month birthday Zuzu.

Happy days we have when we wake, when we return from work and our weekends-oh what fun we have. Over the last 4 months, so much has happened and to recap all of it well will just bore everyone because it’s more of the same and me, Adolfo and Zuzu are all so in love.

Change. Change. Change. I don’t think as much about the C-Section now as I did 4 months ago and everyday the memory fades a little more, almost to the point of wanting to do it all again. I am not afraid to walk up the stairs holding her, fearful I would drop her.We just have so much fun together and I am confident I would kill anyone with my bare hands from messing with her, and it makes me wonder why there are more parents in jail. I go to a dark, dark place when I think harm could come to my baby.

I have finally found a better mix of work and play. I have started an etsy shop and I have started getting back to my dreams, while maintaining my work self, home self and creative self. Still have a lot of work to do but it’s steps in the right direction. Now if I could only fit in this blog thing.




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