What are people saying about Robin Castillo? 

Robin Castillo has a sixth sense, a pure gift! She is THE most talented designer that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Her passion for graphics, color, and text show immensely in her creations. To me, each of the designs she has ever presented to me are little works of art from a master. Robin really knows people! She is able to take your jumbled words, incomplete thoughts, and sort- of’s and kind of’s and interpret them to a tee. A magic mind reader is what I call her! Thanks Robin, for if it wasn’t for you, I do not know where Flora Apothecary would be!
Nikki Wangler, Developer/Owner of Flora Apothecary

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Robin Castillo for the past 10 years. Robin is the ‘go to’ person for your creative business needs. Robin takes the time to really understand the passion behind the message prior to taking your words and turning them into an effective graphic message. Robin is quick to deliver her high quality work that seldom needs any corrections or changes. Robin’s processes are seamless and when you are in a pinch, it is Robin that can make ‘it’ happen. I highly recommend Robin as a team member, a professional, a leader and as a person.
Heidi Zebro, Business Development Manager at DPR Realty

 Robin Castillo is a creative thinker, impassioned leader and highly resourceful multimedia design supervisor. Working with her over the past few years, I’ve come to know her as someone who is mindful not only of the smallest details but also the big picture in both her creative expertise, project management and supervisory skills.
Isaac Moya, Creative Development Manager at Republic Media/Gannett Media

Robin Castillo is not only a dedicated team player and effective manager, she’s also extremely creative and focused. I had the pleasure of working with her on a couple of projects at Republic Media, and she was the consummate professional, delivering amazing results. Robin’s a great person to work with- I highly recommend her.
Chris Grant, Strategic Account Manager at Republic Media/Gannett

 I have had the pleasure to work with Robin as she designed my logo and worked with me in designing my manual & website. This woman does it all, and with professionalism and expertise. She is so creative and knowledgable and I look forward to working with her again & again, and recommending her to anyone that will listen.
Brandy Butler, REALTOR®, Real Estate with Brandy™ Newcombe Real Estate

To know Robin, is to adore her. She breathes a breath of fresh air to her job and environment, where she shows how creative, detailed, tenacious, and deadline/solution oriented she is. She is collaborative and often had the challenge of meeting and balancing needs from both internal and external clients, most of whom were pretty demanding. She is excellent managing her time, her employees/teammates and her projects. She’s the type of person you find yourself measuring others by and always look forward to working with again.

Kara Ritter-Ford, Freelance Writer/Editor/Producer

Over the years Robin Castillo has done some truly magnificent work to help satisfy challenging clients  on my team. I’m always amazed how she can take something conceptual and make it a reality.  Robin makes it look like magic when I know it takes dedication, a great skill set and creativity to make it all work. She is collaborative and creative. She is not shy about having tough conversations, which helped her team grow.

-Lisette Tilker, Sales Support Manager, Republic Media/Gannett



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