Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Today~I am sharing a few of my most recent favorites on the web.


I recently became inspired by My Nguyen and her instagram images of delicous and healthy dishes. Check her site out here: myhealthydish.com

Additionally, I cannot get enough of the jewelry collection by Dogeared. It’s the two new fall items I am daydreaming about, oh and should I choose AZ or FL? I definitely need in gold. I lean more toward FL since I am a self-hating Floridian who loves to go there on vacation. Hence this post.

Arizona necklace

Arizona, is a State of Mind, indeed.

and the third obsession this week with Christmas approaching is the Pinterest board Christmas DIY. ASide from now eating Pringles in order to collect enough tins to house my cookies I am going to make, this thing has tons of stuff I want to make but may never, but I am going to try to pick one more craft in addition to the Pringles tin and go with it this year.

Pringles, delish before and after use.

Pringles, delish before and after use.



Freebie of the Week. Parent Approved.

As a designer, mom and problem solver I am always trying to find more time-saving ways to keep track of things, tasks, lists, etc. This weeks freebie download is a sheet I plagiarized and updated from our wonderful Preschool/daycare First Steps. It’s more for an infant/baby. It’s a info sheet you can have your caretaker for your little one fill out while they are watching them. It’s easy to use, just print and get a pen. I found that when my folks watched our girls late in the night while we snuck off to a movie, it was nice to come home and rather then have to spend thirty minutes recapping they could just write down anything I needed to know about feeding times and kids moods and they could leave and get off to bed as soon as we got home. Enjoy!

Download here.

Freebie of the week. Motherhood Mondays.

I am late on my post this week as this was supposed to go up on Monday to start my Motherhood Mondays blog topic, but as with most things with #2under2, I am 2 days late. Anyway— I am at it again, making more baby food for my growing little Lola. This week I did bananas, carrots, peaches and broccoli. She has already been ok with spinach and the banana and last night I combined them for a tasty dinner. I usually add some rice cereal to make the puree thicker. I wanted to give out a free download of a list you can use as a guide when introducing your baby to solids. It hangs nicely on the front of a fridge so you keep up to date with a new food every 3 days. Also below is a quick do’s and dont’s of baby food making and introducing baby to solids.

• Do use ice cube trays to freeze puréed foods. Each cube should be about one ounce. Once frozen, pop out the cubes, store in a sealed plastic bag, and use within two months.

• Do discard unfinished meals. Bacteria forms quickly.

• Do introduce new foods at the rate of one per week, so you can pinpoint any allergies.

• Do make sure your child has accepted most vegetables and fruits before trying any meats.

• Do steam or microwave vegetables and fruits to retain as much vitamins and minerals as possible, as opposed to boiling.

• Do use as thinners: water left from steaming, breast milk, formula, cow’s milk, yogurt, broth, or apple juice.

• Do use as thickeners: wheat germ, whole-grain cereal, cottage cheese, farmer cheese, cooked egg yolks, yogurt, mashed white or sweet potato.

See some great recipes here. Download Baby Food List. Enjoy!

Father’s Day draws near…

My Dad, January 27,1978 holding me for the first time.

My Dad, January 27,1978 holding me for the first time.

I am so thankful in my life to have such a great Dad, Bob—spelled forward and backwards the same way, as he would say. Bob’s always supported me and taught me well. He’s made me laugh, made me cry and made me part of who I am today. I am lucky my folks are closer now and can spend holidays with us and our girls. I will always remember spending holidays with my own grandparents and am glad the girls will have this opportunity to be close to my parents.

This Father’s Day I can’t think of a better gift to give him then a post on my blog. Because even though I have grown and gotten older this image never will now that it’s here. It’s here forever and I can share my appreciation and love with the world in this medium. He’s the greatest Dad I’ll ever know and the best guy for the job. Those of you that know Bob know what I am talking about. So thank you Dad/Bob for the wonderful gifts you have given me and continue to give me and my girls. I love you Dad. Happy Father’s Day.

Where did 2 years go?

2 years of Zuzu
I just sent my daughter Zuzu’s second birthday invitation out and I can’t believe it has already been 2 years that we have been blessed to have her in our life. It feels like she and Lola have always been with us. To put into perspective the amount of change both me and my husband, Adolfo, have seen in less than three years I created an account of a Day in the Life Pre-Baby, Post-One Baby, and Post-Two Babies. Read on…

PRE-BABY weekdays allowed the OPTION to do happy hour, go out to dinner or attend a cool, hip event was there. A typical day PRE-BABY:
Wake at 6:30am, calm quiet morning. Maybe have coffee on the couch while reading my favorite magazine or blog from the ipad, shower and listen to NPR while getting ready. Answer a few emails and pack my lunch for work unless I was going out.
Out the door in the morning commute to downtown Phoenix by 8:00am
Arrive at work: 8:40-9:00am (depending on 202 accidents)
Lunch break out or packed and sat outside somewhere
Leave work around 6:00pm
Home by 6:30pm
Decide on dinner, eat by 7:30pm
Rest of evening TV, surf the internet, text some people, play with dog, maybe have a cocktail or two, snuggle on couch, enjoy each other’s company
Shower by 10:00pm, unless I was going to in the am/vice versa
Bed by 10:30pm

Now here’s a typical day POST-ONE BABY:
(With both parents working regular full time jobs 9-5)

Wake between 5:30-7:30am, depending upon night before, and if she woke up in the middle, or went down late
Jump in shower if needed
Wake Zuzu by 7:00am if she wasn’t awake yet, get Zuzu ready: dress give juice/milk, diaper changes, hair brush, teeth brush etc…
Grab breakfast bar & coffee on way out if time, otherwise out the door in the morning commute to daycare by 8:00am (Daddy drops and picks up), I head to downtown Phoenix by 7:45am
Arrive at work: 8:20-8:30am (depending on 202 accidents)
Eat lunch at desk, pay bills, organize purse, browse internet, nap
Leave work: 5:30pm
Home by 6:30pm depending upon traffic
Zuzu & daddy home around 6:00pm
Change diaper, get snack, start dinner
Dinner by 6:30pm
Play with Zuzu until bath, legos, pretend, puzzles, jumping on couch, fort building, etc.. TV, surf the internet, text some people, play with dog, maybe have a cocktail or two, snuggle on couch, enjoy each other’s company in between playing with Zuzu
Get Zuzu a snack and milk
Bath time at 8:15pm
Put Zuzu down by 8:40-9:00pm
Shower after Zuzu goes down or in am
Bed by 10:30pm
Crash after Zuzu goes down

Now here’s where I think 2 years went typical day POST-TWO BABIES:
(With one parent working regular full time job 9-5 and the other working from home, both babies still in school)

Wake at 6:30am or 7:00am, depending upon night before, and if the baby woke up in the middle, or went down late, if we showered or not
Jump in shower if needed
Wake Lola by 6:30, Zuzu usually by 7:00am if she wasn’t awake yet, get baby ready: dress give juice/milk, diaper changes, hair brush, teeth brush etc… feed Lola milk, get Zuzu milk & snack
Coffee stat
Get girls dressed & turn on PBS
Check clock if it’s 8:15 and the team isn’t ready to go, breakfast has to be done at home
Adjust accordingly
Send girls & daddy off by 8:30am
Work until daddy gets home with the girls, usually by 6:00pm
Change diapers, get Zuzu water/juice/iPad, feed Lola
 by 6:30pm
Play with both babies until bath, legos, pretend, puzzles, jumping on couch, fort building, etc.. TV, surf the internet, text some people, play with dog, maybe have a cocktail or two, snuggle on couch, enjoy each other’s company in between playing with Zuzu 
 Zuzu a snack & milk
Both girls baths at 8:00pm
Put Zuzu down by 8:40-9:00pm
Shower after baby goes down or in am
Bed by 10:30pm
Crash after baby goes down
Back to work until I can’t see anymore
2-3x in night to check on Lola and/or feed her

So in my wrap up for today, findings and conclusions are as follows:
1. Two years has flown by because we have not stopped, only continued to grow a family and a business
2. You can never be too set in a schedule with kids, no matter what age
3. Your relationship and love with your spouse is the MOST important thing next to your kids you must nurture, the one thing that takes a back burner now is US but we make weekend time thank goodness for my folks to babysit, so that we can atleast have a few hours together on the weekend, but it’s much more work now to make sure we are communicating and on the same page
4. The speed bumps of adjusting to both one and two babies are never ending, just when you think you have it all figured out, one of them goes and has a blow-out of a diaper or a vomit all over you, I encourage everyone to stay calm and work together, communication is key.
5. Single parents I commend you, even salute you!  I know you are out there doing the work of both mommy and daddy and you too have all the same speed bumps.
6. Next month everything will change again.