Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Today~I am sharing a few of my most recent favorites on the web.


I recently became inspired by My Nguyen and her instagram images of delicous and healthy dishes. Check her site out here: myhealthydish.com

Additionally, I cannot get enough of the jewelry collection by Dogeared. It’s the two new fall items I am daydreaming about, oh and should I choose AZ or FL? I definitely need in gold. I lean more toward FL since I am a self-hating Floridian who loves to go there on vacation. Hence this post.

Arizona necklace

Arizona, is a State of Mind, indeed.

and the third obsession this week with Christmas approaching is the Pinterest board Christmas DIY. ASide from now eating Pringles in order to collect enough tins to house my cookies I am going to make, this thing has tons of stuff I want to make but may never, but I am going to try to pick one more craft in addition to the Pringles tin and go with it this year.

Pringles, delish before and after use.

Pringles, delish before and after use.



What is it about Target?

Just look at how happy she is.

Just look at how happy she is.

When I think I need to buy something I am drawn to the bullseye. I don’t know if other women/children/men/elderly people experience this but I get a sense of happy organization when I enter the store. I have a list and I am sticking to it I say each time I grab the cart and meander to the $1 SPOT. It is a great marketing gimmick that I can’t quite understand. Is it the layout? Is it the shop happy women I encounter in the ads? Is it merely the combination of white and red that makes me think of a candy cane thus further making me imagine Christmas time and presents and buying lots and lots of things? I do not know what it is otherwise I would stay away. My husband knows the weakness but I am not sure he knows why either. Weigh-in on what you think makes Target irresistible to me and comment below. My guess is it’s a subliminal paint they use and fresh oxygen like a casino to give a sense of euphoria. Target is my kryptonite.