Home Remedies. Still Discovering… But here’s a few!

1. Apple cider vinegar. Apparently it’s natures healer, I had a terrible breakout and used it straight on a q-tip as a spot treatment, the acne was gone within three days! Reader’s digest did an entire list of them here.

2. Baking soda. Aside from keeping the fridge smelling good, it cleans toys, and can help relieve diaper rash when you make it as a paste.

3. Calmoseptine. so many uses and thanks to my friend  I am a believer ! Use for rashes, acne, sunburn, and skin pain (external use only).

4. Arnica Creme & Traumeel. Use to prevent big bruises on your skin, or in our case babies skin. Bruises mean healing but aren’t always pretty, when my girls fall or bump after TLC, we follow it with soothing natural Arnica. Traumeel is homeopathic and contains no aspirin which is great and it DOES work for pains.

What do you use to heal at home? Drop a comment and let’s share these great home remedies and solutions for everyday products!


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