Motherhood Mondays. Running a Household.

Running a Household is a lot like running a business.

I recently read an interesting article in Parents magazine about the competition between SAHM and Working Moms. No where was there a mention of a Work From Home Mom – so I thought I would tackle that topic since more and more women are choosing this venture. That is what I am now too, a WFHM. I like to say I am the CEO of the Castillo household, but that isn’t entirely true. The fact is my husband, Adolfo Castillo plays a HUGE part in how we get things done and how our girls are cared for. I truly don’t know what I would do without him. Makes me really thankful to have his love, help and support in life, like an extension of myself. Anyway I digress, this isn’t about him as much as it is about the things that we have found to be helpful in nailing down the way your life balance can be.  I have come across other resources I want to share and those are all below. This journey of learning balance is a continuation and is far from being over or completely in check.

First things first, the list of the helpers aside from my wonderful husband that help keep the household and all it’s employees running smoothly. (So far)

1. If you don’t have it already – bookmark this site. Money Saving Mom has so many awesome freebies and tips – I was so happy to find her!

2. Make a deal with each other and/or yourself that if you are stepping over a toy that is not being played with, pick it up and put it away. It’s easy to have the floor of your living room look like a sea of little people and plastic foods.
3. Get a system going in order to do a little laundry, everyday. With two adults and two girls, clothing is the biggest job of the house next to the meals. I am still perfecting it but little things help, like hanging up as I fold, and only doing full loads and only doing one at a time throughout the week. come to the realization early on that the laundry is the one job that is NEVER complete. NEVER because you wear clothes everyday.

4. Take back the family dinner. This site and story is a great start to setting the table for your family back on track. My friend gave me a copy and even though it says to do sit down dinners after kids are 2, we started and it’s great. Dinner is when we chat about running the household. We catch up and figure out where we are at for the day and week. Are we on budget for food shopping, do we need more diapers at school, how is the weekend looking? Oh and we have a HUGE whiteboard in the office that helps us write notes to each other when we think we tell each other things – it helps.

5. Plan for your plan to change. Just as it says, moms we are all mostly planners and when you are running a household, business and working out of the home, CUT YOURSELF SOME SLACK, shit is going to happen, just roll and expect things to change and your plan to adjust.

Overall – Remember – Everyone is different, every household is different – find what works for your household, there is no right or wrong, just  Don’t stress about it – figure it out. If you are a WFHM like me, balance is the key to a successful business, marriage and time for self (it’s NOT selfish). I work when there is work and in between naps. I try to stick to a scheuled similar to what the baby would be on at school so I can still service everyone properly. Set a schedule for work, home and life stuff. Make appointments two weeks out if possible to meet with clients and to get your hair done. If you are lucky like me, you have a mom or mil that can help watch the baby while you sneak away. We found that most of our stressors were that we were not communicating enough and that left the other partner feeling like they were doing more or getting the shaft. When we talk at dinner, agree to pick up as a team and share in the household and kid duties there is much better balance for us both. Goodluck and keep talking.


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