The evolution of the portfolio

When I was hired at my last full time corporate position, the portfolio I carried was rather clunky. It was an 11×14 black case with coil bound plastic sheets. If you have been doing graphic design for 10+ years you know EXACTLY what I am talking about. After I was hired, I put it on a shelf, high up and forgot about it.

CaseI interviewed again two years later, and upgraded my book to a sleek black case conversion. It was a 12 x12 slim art supply case from a local craft store and I (well my boyfriend at the time, now husband) sanded it and spray painted it a modern matte back. This was 2004 and everyone was carrying unique, expressive standouts portfolios. Why- they were all the rage. Fast forward present day, well yesterday… I took no traditional pieces. I only carried my iPad. On it, loaded as a PDF in iBooks was my clean, sleek portfolio and lucky for me, the agency had Apple TV and I was able to connect and project my beautiful work on the big screen, talking about each piece and rewinding quickly if needed. Revolutionary. Technology changed my life yesterday, I didn’t have to spend hours prepping mounting sheets or trying to move Super 77 from my thumbs… No this was it, from now on this is how I’d present.


2 thoughts on “The evolution of the portfolio

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