Motherhood Mondays. Reflection.

Bottle this happiness.

Bottle this happiness.

When I am angry, irritated or annoyed, I look to my toddler for inspiration. Most people would look away, maybe hide in a dark room and want to be left alone (Believe me, I used to feel that way too). But now, aside from trying to be more patient, I am trying to be more like her. Not in a sense of throwing the occasional adult tantrum when a price is wrong on an item I check out with at the store like she would on the other side of her mental state at this age – the side of thoughtfulness, of curiosity and pure joy. Her joy comes from nothing trivial, nothing expensive and nothing far from anyones reach. Her joy comes from contact. Connection with us, from playing and being the center of our focus to simply snuggling up next to us while she watches her favorite video. Her world is so sweet and happy (most of the time). I look to be more silly when I am angry, even when she is not around, I find myself thinking of her silliness or her sweetness to get me through the brow lines I am creating on my face. This makes me less angry and hopeful that I too can learn to project negativity off. So while I am out there trying to teach this little girl a thing or two – she is teaching me.


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