Motherhood Mondays. This one’s for the new moms out there.

After I had my first daughter I didn’t realize all the things that could have made MY life easier, as a new mom. Whether it was emotionally, physically or mentally, there were just things as a new mom you need to relax about. This time around with my second I have taken note on the things that were just a little helpful to remember, remind self of and to get and made all the difference in how I AM and WAS and continue to BE after life with baby began. Mind you this is a fluid list and it changes as baby grows and changes—all the more important to be in tune with yourself, mom needs care too. If you have some to add, please leave a comment.

“It’s not the end of everything it’s just the end of everything you know.”—Bob Schneider.

Here’s the list:

1.) If you are a nursing mom, make sure you nurse frequently and are comfortable. Your hormones and emotions are just as important as feeding your wee one, and to be fully present in the moment of feeding and bonding is essential to get the most out of the experience. Put the phone down.

2.) If you think breastfeeding in public is a crime without covering up—think again. Law says that if you are allowed to be in a place then you are allowed to nurse. Once I knew the law and felt comfortable I rarely covered up unless the baby was cold, it’s Arizona and it’s the summer, deal people.

3.) Hug, kiss and cuddle with your husband as often and as random as possible. With two it’s nearly impossible to sit on the couch without a tot between us. This is why it’s imperative to keep strong on YOUR relationship and continue to nurse that as well.

4.) Prepare yourself to miss the heck out of your little one if you have to send them to school/daycare/caretaker etc.. I was a work away from home mom and now I work from home, only the baby stays with me though, and everyday when my toddler leaves a part of me is sad I can’t get work done with her here and a few times throughout the day I miss her terribly. I say women find a way to either be home or be involved as much as you can when you are with your wee one, they grow so fast I can’t even explain it.

5.) Get yourself in order physically—a good, strong mom is healthy. She works out in addition to playing with her kids, she combs her hair and gets out of her pajamas (once in awhile—ok, a uniform, NOT OK). You can only begin to feel good when you look in the mirror and think the person staring back is good. Remember — emotions and hormones are crazy so long as you are breastfeeding and it can ruin your tongue into saying/thinking/doing things you wish you hadn’t, it is hard to take back.

I will continue to update my list, I’m always trying to be very conscious, and honest about how I am, how I was and how I will be (want to be). This is so important when you have little ones that are looking to mimic you. Happy Monday everyone.


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