Motherhood Monday. My favorite items for baby.

Since my husband and I were clearly nuts when we decided to have #2under2, I have compiled the TOP 10 MUST HAVE items for any new mommy/parent/family. They are my personal favorites not just the first time around but the second time as well.

Number 10. Invest in a few good nursing bras. Period. I didn’t speand the money the first time around and wished I had. You will need them, and you will need to sleep in one if you are engorged or much larger than you are used to being in that area. I purchased 3, a pretty one, a practical one, and a sleeping one. Trust me.

Number 9. Boppy nursing pillow. Especially if you have a c-section, but as baby grows, this will come in more and more handy. It’s more comfortable for you, and as baby starts to sit up, hold a bottle, lounge back, do tummy time assisted, it is a little helper of comfort. Get 2 covers, so one can always be clean incase of accidents.

Number 8. Simple slings. This company runs an ad in the Parents mags for free slings, they are high quality and sizing is great because you can get a few different ones for as the baby grows. They help your back when carrying the babe, and give baby a new perspective when they are fussy in the stroller or car seat carrier.

Number 7. Comfortable bedside bassinet, when I say comfortable I mean for baby and for you. This one, is the one we used the second time around and it is great, it does get a little warm, but easy when you have a c-section to lift baby from it from your bed and good for baby to be inclined when sleeping.

Number 6. Get a monitor you can live without. Since we won’t be able to always have our little ones on a digital screen being watched, we opted for this monitor for both girls. It detects movement for breathing (helped me sleep through the night when girls were very small) and it will sound if they get out of crib, stop breathing, etc.. As our toddler has grown we are still using it but won’t have a huge adjustment to worry about once she’s in a toddler bed.

Number 5. A snuggly bouncer with music and vibration. This one was given to us at our first shower and both girls have slept in it and our toddler continues to lay in it when watching her favorite DVD.

Number 4. Breast pads. I did the reusable ones over the disposable since washing is easy. Even though you may not leak, it’s comforting to know if you did no one would know. I was in Costco without them and had to leave when I starting leaking because I was full and the babe was asleep. Learned my lesson in front of the cashier.

Number 3. Lanolin creme for nipples. Bring this to the hospital along with your boppy if you are intending to breast feed. You will use this on more than just your nipples once you see the healing power.

Number 2. Baby lullaby music that is cool. Renee & Jeremy, Lisa Loeb, Elizabeth Mitchell and Rock a Bye Baby CDs are just a few of the ones to grab. Once you try to sing your little one to sleep you will realize you don’t know as many lullabies as you thought and if you are like me you will be singing your music softer and slower but I learned some great songs and now my girls are singing them too.

and the Number 1 item on everyone’s must have list for bringing baby home…

Number 1. Patience with yourself, your spouse and your other children. So this one isn’t a material item but it certainly has made the list for me. Whether you are breastfeeding, adopting, have the perfect angel, think you have patience, have a child with special needs,  or you have other children… you can never have enough patience with your new baby or with yourself. I look back on the first days home with my first daughter and think – how did we ever survive, then I look at this second tour of duty and think, we are pretty good at this. Yes we make mistakes, and we forgive ourselves and each other but everyone is happy and everyone has love and that is the most important thing. So while you get all your new baby gear and stuff you think you need, don’t forget the patience – it’s not something you can buy or ever have enough of, but when you have it—it’s like having gold.


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