Homemade baby food.

Someone sped up the clock. I can’t believe Lola is now 4 and a half months old. She started eating Rice Cereal about a month ago. This weekend, I made her first batch of her first real puree food. It’s the easiest and most cost effective way to do baby food and I wanted to share with all the other moms out there. While it’s lovely to have the fancy baby food processor, a simple household blender will do the job.

1. Start with clean washed fresh vegetable. I started with spinach but you can do whatever you like, the process is the same give or take boiling and steaming times. Fill a pot with water and use a steamer basket to separate the water from the spinach.

2. Boil on high for about 5 minutes and remove from heat. Drain spinach. Put into household blender and puree. Sometimes I add some of the water that is left over in the pot rather than lemon juice. This food literally has no flavor added, no salt, no pepper, nada. It is the most pure just spinach.

3. Blending only takes a few minutes, the thickness needs to be between applesauce and water since I add rice cereal to my baby’s food at meal time.

4. Once blended, pull out the ice cube trays and start filling. When you have a tray filled, cover it with plastic wrap.


5. This is preparing the cubes to be frozen and later thawed for the meal. These cubes can last up to three months when properly stored. With my first daughter I made food once a month, it was healthier, easier and more affordable than store bought puree. And the best part is I knew EXACTLY what was in it. Next cover with foil.


6. Freeze for 24 hours.

7. Remove after 24 hrs and store in Freezer safe Ziplock bags, I like these and I double bag them and date them.

ImageTo prepare the feeding, I take 1-2 cubes and use defrost on my microwave. Then I heat for 10 second increments until it’s warm, stirring during heating so I don’t get hot spots. Then I add desired cereal ands it’s chow time.

ImageBaby loves it!



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