What is it about Target?

Just look at how happy she is.

Just look at how happy she is.

When I think I need to buy something I am drawn to the bullseye. I don’t know if other women/children/men/elderly people experience this but I get a sense of happy organization when I enter the store. I have a list and I am sticking to it I say each time I grab the cart and meander to the $1 SPOT. It is a great marketing gimmick that I can’t quite understand. Is it the layout? Is it the shop happy women I encounter in the ads? Is it merely the combination of white and red that makes me think of a candy cane thus further making me imagine Christmas time and presents and buying lots and lots of things? I do not know what it is otherwise I would stay away. My husband knows the weakness but I am not sure he knows why either. Weigh-in on what you think makes Target irresistible to me and comment below. My guess is it’s a subliminal paint they use and fresh oxygen like a casino to give a sense of euphoria. Target is my kryptonite.


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