It’s a dry heat.

No really it is. Phoenix, America’s 5th largest metropolitan area is a dry heat indeed. Today temps reached a scouring 113 degrees and summer and the oven is officially here. Today while I said my farewells to friends at lunch on the tar mat of the parking lot of Chili’s, I was reminded that not only is it a dry heat but I am glad it is so. Growing up in Florida, if you went outside with anything but a beach coverup or bathing sit on, you might as well take another shower because you would need it. Here at least my sweat starts to roll down my back and dries before it ever reaches anywhere important. For that I’m happy to call Phoenix home. Among other things, scorpions aside, we don’t have to battle much rain or natural disasters, or real weather—just the blistering heat which 12 years ago I would be caught saying felt like someone turned on a blowdryer in my face for 5 months and never turned it off. Our weather people say a cool down is a non-triple digit number. Poor weather folks.. nothing to report there, it’s just HOT. What an easy job, I should have thought of that. Anyway—summer and heat are officially here and that means time to swim and swelter, not in that order. Have a great weekend everyone—Stay cool.


One thought on “It’s a dry heat.

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