The Vault, Post 9. From July 2011 – The Birth.

Not in a fairytale kind of way but a real true love of my life kind of way. Zoey “Zuzu” Adele Castillo was born on July 5, 2011. She has managed to turn my world upside down in one week and I couldn’t be happier. Over the next few posts I will recollect the experience, the c-section we had since she was breech and the surgery itself, the mystery of the adhesive goo I found days later on my inner thighs? The issues I have with pain meds, giant maxi pads, and poor bedside manner. I will also recollect the beauty of all the fear, the joy of looking into that tiny face and seeing the best parts of yourself and your partner caught in nature in a little face now known as our daughter. For today though, just some of my favorite pictures from the last week of her new life to welcome her to the world. Welcome baby Castillo – I promise to keep you healthy and safe until you can stand on your own and even then I will still try. xoxo



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