The Vault, Post 7.

Week 38 of first pregnancy.

Are you checking my oil? Yesterday at the dr. was the first official “internal” exam. While the doc was “up in there” she said sorry this is uncomfortable, and I said, I didn’t expect it to be any different. It was weird but expected, afterall I have a high cervix, or so OBGYNs have been telling me my entire life, in fact I think one said if I remember correctly, my cervix was in my throat. Lucky me.


Zoey is still breech, and scheduled for her c-section on the 5th. I had high blood pressure at the dr. so they did some blood work and said I may have preclampsia (high blood pressure, vision changes, headaches and right side pain) so i need to take it easier and wait for the real results. If so and it continues we could be meeting our baby as early as next week! We can hardly wait I am starting to get anxious about what she will be like.


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