The Vault, Post 6. March 2011.

So I realize the intent of keeping a journal for you, was to keep good notes about this experience so someday when you are pregnant you might have an idea of what to expect, and for me as I age so I can remember this first experience, however.. I have been horrible about writing in it. Clearly since it’s been almost 4 months since I last wrote something. The thing is, the experience is great! You are growing great, I have no real aversions to things and I am feeling the best I have ever felt. I keep telling daddy maybe I was made for this 😉 He just says “we’ll see.”


So we know a few things about you:

1. you are a little girl

2. your name will be Zoey “Zuzu” Adele Castillo

3. you are a blessing to us

4. you like to hang on the right side of my uterus

5. you get startled when daddy kisses my belly loudly (a smooch sound)



1. tater tots (preferrably Sonic, but homemade are healthier so we eat those)

2. oranges

3. cucumbers (raw)

4. green peppers (raw)

5. v-8 (low sodium per daddy)

6. cheese and tomato sandwiches

7. milk!

8. water! 

9. fried chicken/chicken fingers

10. milkshakes



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