The Vault, Post 5. Watermelon Baby.

It’s official. Zuzu will be here by the 5th of July. 19 days and counting. By this stage we are almost a full size water melon according to my pregnancy fruit chart.

Which is pretty big and heavy. One of my coworkers began to measure me yesterday and I am 45″ from the back all the way around at my biggest part, it’s exciting and humiliating to think my poor 35″ waistline is now a mere figment of the past. My goal when this is over is to of course stay the course and be the healthiest I can be for my little girl and myself. Give her a fighting chance to not be a high fructose corn syrup baby or have a bottle filled with mountain dew – ever.. have you seen those people? Just ignorance. 


Yesterday we had some contractions which were weird, they just make everything tight, and while they are uncomfortable, they are not painful which is good because if I am at work and start labor I might have a panic attack, and god forbid my water break in our Wednesday weekly meeting. 


She’s almost here and we are ready. Well, as ready as we are going to be.


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