The Vault, Post 4.

Originally blogged November 2010.


I feel great. Started reading books on pregnancy, but wanted to talk to my mom and see what I really should expect (see if this What to Expecting book is right). Of course my mom had 3-4 hour labors, mild morning sickness and her best advice was to put saltines by the bed and always nibble on a few before you get out of bed. So I invested in some saltines. I started drinking 64-128 ounces of water this month. Gotta keep that fluid healthy and eating 6x a day, small meals filled with vegetables and dairy, not a lot of protein because I am just not that into meat right now (Adolfo would insert a joke here). I am not showing a bump yet. I talk to you in the car and sing to you. If it wasn’t for my throbbing breasts and tiredness I wouldn’t even know I was pregnant. It’s funny too because every once in awhile my right side hurts and I think – is that her? is she planted there? 


Week 8 is right around the corner. I read that your arms will be little buds and you will be about the size of a raspberry. You will grow fingers and toes shortly and that is wild! I started rubbing the belly with Tummy Butter by Palmer’s at night and Vaseline Intense Cocoa Butter by day. The doctor commented at the last appt how soft and good the belly looked. 


Can’t wait to feel you kick! Daddy is excited too. He talks to my belly and rubs it, sending you kisses and love. Your daddy is so good to me. He will be even better to little Roo. So much love has filled our house in the last few weeks.


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