The Vault, Post 3. Journal Entry from 2010.

I think we shall call you Roo. I took a test today and it said in large letters: PREGNANT. So I took another test, that was the natural thing to do. It also said PREGNANT. I immediately burst into tears. I couldn’t tell if it was tears of joy or tears of fear, I just know I was heeb-sobbing like a child. I picked up my phone and dialed the one person who would make it better. Adolfo was working this particular Saturday – on deadline for the magazine. So all he could do on the phone was laugh at me while I cried, since all his employees and teammates were in the office with him, he couldn’t initially react. I kept saying “are you mad?” and he just laughed at me. Then I said “I am so scared and I don’t want to get rid of Gala.” Again – laughter. So many emotions were wild in me this day.


Do you think it’s positive?

Same day I began exercising and eating right. Cigarettes were already in the trash (I had tossed them before I headed to Walgreens to buy the tests). It felt natural and right and the test only confirmed my instincts that something was up with me.


So when he got home he was so happy and we decided you should be called “Roo” as in Kangaroo since you were so tiny inside my belly. We loved you from the start. We were the luckiest people in the world to see that all caps word this day. 


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