The Vault, Post 2. Cookie Monster.

Originally blogged on 6/7/2011.


I just devoured an entire row of Great Value Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies without even breathing. What is wrong with me? Oh yeah it’s not me, it’s Zoey. She is moving around now, high from the sugar and corn syrup as she should be I had 2 oranges, an entire green pepper and my favorite today, a pickle with a turkey bagel thin sandwich and a piece of provolone, I topped it all off with 2 cups of mixed Cheerios (honey nut and whole wheat) and some blueberries. It’s going to be a trip to see if she even likes the food I have been eating when she can eat solids. I am excited to see her faces when she tastes something she doesn’t like. I’m tired now, I am going to brush my teeth and sleep, tomorrow I am fighting with the insurance company, another modern marvel of the business of being born. More on that later. Nite nite termites.


Side note from today: Adolfo is saying in my head: “Don’t blame our baby.”


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