The Vault, Post 20. Wow. 2/28/13.

Almost a year since I posted and already so much change and yet not a lot of change. The biggest noteworthy change is the birth of our second daughter, Lola Grace. Wow. Another girl in our family. Adolfo is going to be completely white before he’s 50 for sure.

The birth this time around was easier then the first c-section. I knew what to expect and was able to declare my wishes upfront to all the parties who would be handling the surgery. I had an excellent pregnancy again until about the end of the second trimester. Then what I say is rough most women experience throughout gestation. I had some hand numbness, Charlie horses, tailbone pain, sciatica and a lot of tiredness and fatigue, as Zuzu is now almost 20 months. Yep we are crazy, a newborn and a toddler entering the terrible twos. Hence why I am back online ready to blog again. My release and my outlet to try and share whatever I can with others going through it or just entertain people. No matter how bad you think it is whatever it is, there’s another blog out there that has a worse story. Such is life.

Meanwhile I am digging the life we are creating with two beautiful girls, a loving husband who I don’t tell him how much I adore him… ADOLFO- if you can hear me…  I ADORE YOU, I ADORE YOU, I ADORE YOU!


So stay tuned more about all things bloggable!


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