The Vault, Post 16. Four Months & Four Days.

I have never been in love like this before. Sure I love Adolfo (a lot). But this little girl has me so smitten in love I could scream. I feel like the minute she says – “but Mommy,” I will turn to mush and grant her every wish. That said today my baby Zuzu is 4 months, 4 days old. She weighs 14.9 lbs., and is 25.75″ long. She is learning to cry without tears (Chiflada, as her Daddy says) and she hides her face in Mommy’s neck when she gets shy. She loves to swing, play her gym piano, and eat. oh – and she met and loves her “Wheeta” Alicia.



I am glad we waited long enough to be married before we embarked on this journey with her. It makes it that much more special. If there was ever a time to be ready for kids, it is now. We had our time together (10 years) before we decided we were cool enough to procreate, and man this little girl is going to be cool.


So today I wish my baby Zoey a happy 4 month birthday, may you say my name soon, and then daddy’s.


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