The Vault, Post 15. The Gala©

I wanted to blog a little about the loss of Gala in our life, but feel that will just make me upset all over again as well as some of you who have been there during the process. Instead, today I am turning the experience into something positive. I just sent a donation to the shelter in Flagstaff (coconino animal shelter) and wrote a thank you note to the director of the shelter. No matter what happens I had almost 10 great years with that diggity dawg. She tested me at times and taught me about patience and love. She made hardships easier and she loved me unconditionally, I wasn’t always there for her, but she certainly was there for me. When I was lonely she comforted me and we had a lot of great memories and many years together. It makes me sad to think she can’t be part of Zuzu’s life because she was such a loyal friend and I know Zuzu would have loved her when she got older. The visions I had of them playing together always faded though, because the reality is that I knew that would never happen. Gala could never do that. She could never be that dog. She was too anxious about kids and would never be relaxed around them, which made it not fair to her, to us and to our baby. I still cry every couple days/weeks/now… I know time will heal me. She will be forever copyrighted, the Gala.©


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