The Vault, Post 14.

“It’s Not the End of Everything, It’s Just the End of Everything You Know,” as sung by Bob Schneider in Bicycle vs. Car. To me this sums up the last 2 months with our new Zuzu. I spent the first month sad (since we had to let Gala go to a new home) and in a trance of how unbelievable this “new” was. Staring at my baby for hours during breastfeeding sessions, and waking up thinking I forgot to put her back in the bassinet. Additionally, knowing and accepting that my life was not over but a new life was beginning to emerge. For the next several years realizing the term, “run in” doesn’t exist and that my life is not just about me anymore, it’s greater and bigger than me. It’s ultimately about her, keeping her safe, healthy and secure.


The “new” normal that we know now after just 2 months, feels like it has always been this way, and I cannot imagine how we were before without our little Zuzu. I take her everywhere. She likes to be where it’s noisy so she can nap. I attribute this to my life during pregnancy not changing much except during that last month when I was just in pain and tired all the time. I kept up with my social life, going to bars (being the DD), still attending parties and concerts and eating super healthy, allowing for an occasional glass of white wine. She’s such a good girl and she is starting to laugh, and play on her gym and her personality is starting to show through.



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