The Vault, Post 12. So Much for Saying No to Drugs.

I got my hospital bill the other day from my 2-night stay at the all inclusive resort. Too bad it was not inclusive and it was hardly a resort. Truth is, I don’t remember much of the first night after the surgery and it’s no wonder… I was so junked up on everything from Morphine, Ephedrine to Demerol, Ketorolac and back again. I was given drugs to bring my blood pressure down, and another to raise my low blood pressure (oxy-moron), then I was given something to prevent nausea and vomiting, an anti-gas, stool softener. Let’s not forget too a dose of an anti-infection, even though I didn’t have an infection. And my personal favorite on the itemized bill list was Midazolan, which according to webmd, causes one to have amnesia and is a sedative often used to forget. Now out of these drugs there are a few I could agree I probably needed. Like the spinal block, I am not denying I would have not argued there – but the amnesia drug just makes me mad – even though it’s a c-section, why do they want me to forget? Did I ask for these drugs? I don;t know maybe I was so drugged up I did. Which brings me to the tablets I was charged for.. Oxycodone, Hydrocone, Tums and a Prenatal for goodness sakes..! 


I am completely convinced now that the hospital is definitely in it to make the dough. For instance, my insurance approved me to stay from Tuesday until Saturday. My stay ended on Thursday around 3pm when Adolfo got out of work and came to get us. The day in the hospital – alone with no drugs was $1200- that is a nice Vegas hotel for the weekend in my itinerary.


Now granted I had to do all this in order to get to the prize at the end which is ultimately my lovely, wonderful, beautiful, amazing baby who is healthy and happy and here… BUT, I would have liked to have been a little more educated about the medicine, about the hospital bill (grand total $13,252.10) and this is for the hospital only and does not included the $200 we paid when I was admitted and the $1,200 I paid so I could leave, OR the $1,392.00 I paid my OBGYN when we found out we were pregnant and had to pre-pay for Zuzu’s prenatal care. So after insurance and it’s all said and done we owe about $600.


When I was born in 1978, my mother’s hospital bill was $178. She had natural labor with an epidural, and stayed in the hospital 3 days. 


The business of being born indeed. Props to Rikki Lake and her documentary. I wish I had been brave enough or able to do a mid-wife like so many pregnancies are meant to be and my cost would have been less, and the drugs could have remained in the hospital.


Maybe next time, if there is a next time. I am just taking in all the enjoyment of this one, because despite all the pain, trauma of the c-section, and this stupid bill – every mother that told me so was right, it is all totally worth it to have a Zuzu at the end.



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