The Vault, Post 11. From July 2011.

Adolfo and I will be forever changed from these last few weeks on. It feels good of course because I am good with change and have always welcomed it, but doesn’t stop it from being completely scary and the biggest change we have ever taken on. Our daughter, a little under 7lbs sits in my arms as I write this post. She’s nursing, she is the coolest most chill baby ever and she is ours to care for and everything she needs will come from us for the next few years. Adolfo just read the other day she is legally bling until about 6 months.. good thing she doesn’t need to drive. It’s crazy, there is atleast one time per day I look at her and still can’t believe it all. Feels like yesterday we were having the “talks” most couples have after 10 years of being together.. time flies and apparently its about to get faster.


Today Zoey turns 4 weeks old. She’s already holding her pacifier, squeezing my boob for milk and responds to the sound of our voices by turning her head. She has love for music and falls asleep to Renee & Jeremy, Adele and She & Him albums. She wakes up to the Von Bondies, so we will have to work up to some of her Daddy’s faves.



Soon our little lady will be lifting her head and taking on the world with her big, bright eyes.


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