The Vault. Post 1.

I am going back in time to combine the blog I used to have with this one. I am calling it the Vault. I will get them up here over the next few days and they will be accessible. Thanks for sticking with me. It’s nice to know even if it’s just one person out there, that you are there, reading, empathizing and gaining something from what I write/wrote/will write.


Post 1. Published on 6/6/2011. Pre Zulo sisters.

This is me, 8 months pregnant, blogging. What is it about? It’s for you Zoey “Zuzu” Adele, it’s for you mom and dad, it’s for you friends all of you: single, married, engaged, pregnant and unpregnant, brothers and sister-in-laws and everyone in between that feels like reading something real and sometimes boring I am sure I will have days… I offer a glimpse into the forward happenings and the reminiscing of the last 8 months of pregnancy, maybe a little fashion, corporate rantings, design speak and whatever – it’s the space I give to you all to learn something, or to laugh with me. Or it’s what I give me, a memory. In my most vulnerable state…

Above: 18 week ultrasound (roughly 17 weeks ago)

I feel like I could give birth at any time. Just since last week I gained 2 lbs. and my belly feels like it’s tearing apart with bad gas from getting into some bad lettuce. But it’s not lettuce, it’s Zuzu and she is growing at the rate of a giant, but still even when she is hatched from the comforts of my warmth, she will still be too tiny to make it on her own, too small to get a job, so small infact, that all the books say to keep her “womb like” environment going for the next few months after she is out. Imagine, we give birth before technically we should because if we waited until an infant could be an infant we wouldn’t be able to pass them. Such a crazy thought to think we really should be pregnant for a year. 

As I pour Hershey’s caramel syrup over Breyer’s natural vanilla icecreamI can’t help but wonder if Zuzu will come out with a deep appreciation for the only high fructose corn syrup I have fed her during pregnancy. Will you like oranges and green peppers or was that just me who needed Vitamin C and your way of telling me? I know this much will be true… I am going to love you like no other.


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