It’s Monday. Boom.

Happy Monday. After a longer than usual weekend, (when we go out on Friday night I always feel like it’s longer) I am exhausted but excited for the week. We spent the weekend seeing a lot of friends we had not seen in awhile. Dinner on Friday (The Western), West Elm Etsy Pop Up Shop Scottsdale on Saturday and playdate way out East Mesa on Sunday. On Sunday we saw friends we met when we first moved here — before we were married (truth.. we were not always married). In fact they are some of the only people in AZ that knew us as single individuals. It’s funny how that happens after you have been married or with someone for so long, that you are no longer thought of as you the individual by the friend group but as an & (and) as in Adolfo & Robin, or Robin & Adolfo. Of course I would have it no other way.

As we reminisced about life before the kids (between the group there are now 8 kiddos) I was reminded yet again about how fast 12 years really can go. Sigh.

Anywhosin, here we go again with a busy week and not enough hours in the day to get it all done and enjoy any downtime. Let’s do it! Have a great week!


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