I’m getting closer.

Robin Castillo

This is me getting closer.

Tonight’s blog brought to you by inspiration I got during the song “Closer” by Tegan and Sara. I know I am my worst critic. Aren’t we all? Especially as a visual designer trying to cross over into something new, I know I am the hardest on my work and if I don’t celebrate what I have done/worked on/been part of then I should just throw in the towel. So today… I celebrate getting closer. Closer (redundant sentence start now) to the goal of having my portfolio, my site and my marketing all consistent. What a task it is. Practically into it three weeks and counting of setting the Facebook, the twitter, the Linked In, (I say the before it all because it sonds fancy) Creative Hotlist, Elance, the yada yada, oh yeah You Tube and of course then I read about a few other sites I need to be on this am (OYE!) But I am now comfortable enough to get them going and have them match (imagine that!) I can only imagine what a small business owner with little or no technical know-how feels if I FEEL overwhelmed by it all and I am very savvy. Anyway tonight I celebrate – Closer.


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