Feeling richer already.

Today’s deal from my frugalistic adventures comes from my brief walk through the 99 Cent Only store. Not only do they carry local fruits and vegetables, guess what? They are 99 Cents (I know shocking), but the quality is what surprised me… It’s VERY good quality, I think it’s even better than the Wal-mart produce, and I KNOW it’s better than Sprouts. So we will see I am trying a NEW thing where I shop every few days for produce, cook it that day or the next day, to see if it really saves from waste and rotting. I was pleasantly surprised too at all the things that I normally use that were in this store. I am definitely sorry I didn’t find out sooner, but now that I have seen it for myself after months of my Mom telling me to go there, I am hooked. Thanks Mom.

99 Cent Store Has Artichokes for $1.00!


One thought on “Feeling richer already.

  1. Woo hoo……99 cent Artichokes!!! Score Mama : ) I just got 4 for $5.00 and that was a deal too!!! Grew up on Artichokes. In fact I finished off my last one today at lunch : ) Now, popcorn & left over Chinese for din-din.

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